It is our honor of introducing Ottoman Marine as a trade company in both local and international field of Marine Engines and Spare Parts in Bangladesh. It’s been 10 years we started our company. Since 2007, we have been supplying Marine Engines and Spare Parts in our local market very successfully. Dealing with international clients we have a great reputation in our service as well. Ottoman Marine strongly committed to reliability, high quality and unconditional customer service.

A team of Ottoman Marine's world class Engineers are capable of servicing any kind of marine engine and spare items. With our professional skill we want to create an optimal solution in Marine Engine servicing and uninterrupted supply of all sorts of Marine equipments.

Ottoman Marine is very well connected with leading Ship breaking industries in Bangladesh. We supply spare parts and Marine items in Asia ,Europe, Africa, Latin America and most of the place in North America. And we are the part of it in every major events and ways.

The motto of Ottoman Marine is “Quality and proper care can open the door of new hope”. All the members of this family firmly believe in it .

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Contact us

Contact Person: Sajbeer Rahman,
Mitali Commercial Bhaban-449(2nd floor), Eidgah, East Rampur-4100,
Chittagong, Bangladesh.



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